Points of Culture

Commitment - I am committed to the Vision and Mission of the company.

Excellence - I exhibit excellence in the field and demonstrate it daily with my actions.

Integrity - I have integrity and display it continuously.

High Standards - I hold myself to high standards because I am capable of achieving them.

Customer Service - I believe that excellent customer service is crucial to the communities we serve.

Trust & Friendship - I am a friend to the community and my customers put their trust in me.

Teamwork & Communication - I value my team and support it with clear communication skills.

Professionalism - I display professionalism in this company so that it can succeed.

Determination - I am determined to improve the quality of life for our customers and myself.

Pride & Loyalty - I have pride in myself and team. I am loyal to the team and my team is loyal to me.

Positive Attitude - I know that my positive attitude is contagious and use it to my advantage.

Spirit - I know my spirit is what makes each day on and off the job fun and exciting.

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